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I tried that, but at 72 I'm not fast enough to kill Cortana before she re-runs herself.....

I Opened up that "Open File Location" and found the two files (actually folders) that Start with....

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Get rid of the redundancy and CRAP running in the background to improve system performance.My next step is to get rid of Cortana, completely, totally and 100%.......Rename this folder (add to the name), it will fail and show a 'try again' dialogue, end the Cortana process and quickly press the try again button before it starts up.There are plenty of folks that have been on this site, or off and on this site for a long time and still come to shore empty handed for the long term....I remember watching a show called Becker, with Ted Dansforth, whereas his best male friend from childhood was unknowingly a post-op transsexual that he was attracted to.

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