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It appears in the error list as a warning, and there are so many warnings in the project at this point I didn't even think to look there. I guess I'll start hunting for invalid properties in my aspx markup.

Today's lesson I learned the hard way: If you have an invalid property value, it will make the designer generation crap out, but it will NOT show up as an error. In regards to the "Generation of designer file failed: The method or operation is not implemented." error. I would have to delete the designer file, check it in to TFS, get a colleague to generate the designer file & check it into TFS.

In your ASCX file, modify the "Inherits" attribute in the Control directive so that it no longer has the word "Controls" in it. You don't need to save the file; just flip views in the text editor to your designer file. I promise I have been using carriage returns) So, please dis-regard my previous post. User Control - I have sub-classed User Control to added functionality necessary for use among many usercontrols in my project.

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However, intellisense didn't mark this invalid value as an error. I added a few more controls and tried it again but I got the error: "Generation of designer file failed: The method or operation is not implemented." I also tried deleting the file and doing a "Convert to Web Application" but I got the same error again, except in a message box instead of the error list.

too many similar forums ) I've experienced the case where a newly added control doesn't get added to designer.cs, and been able to resolve it simply by cutting / pasting the control. The error list shows the warning "Generation of designer file failed: The method or operation is not implemented." 3. Investigating the possible differences between these files reveals no significant configuration differences, other than actual asp:xxx controls implemented on each page.

But the problem I'm having here is that nothing at all is being added to Could you please look at the header comment in the file and indicate which runtime version it's showing ( Runtime Version:2.0.50727.???? I have another control, in the same folder ("Controls") that does re-create it's designer correctly with each change to the ASCX. Based on a hunch that this issue may be related to namespace issues, I started by changing the namespace - I have a work-around, but no fix: simply make sure your namespace doesn't include the word "Controls".

I figured I could simply change a couple tag names and be done with it.

I changed "Data Grid" to "Grid View", "Item Style" to "Row Style", and "Alternating Item Style" to "Alternating Row Style". I go back to the code and type in the new Grid View variable name and it's not in intellisense.

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