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Then, Kendall and Jared offer some listeners their advice on what to do when you’re caught up in a love triangle with friends, and how to handle an aggressive coworker.

They wrap up with a rapid fire Q & A, and we find out where they stand on ghosting, blind dates, and how long to wait before having sex. After getting an update on what’s new in his world, and his experience on Celebrity Big Brother, James offers up his most valuable dating advice.  Then, he helps some listeners out that are dealing with real dating struggles, like how to get past 3 dates, and if men should use emojis.

"Dean and his roommate Jackson perform a lock-in in an attempt to get the bottom of their dating woes.  Plus, Dr.Nick lends his opinion on getting back together with an ex, and he shares his concept of “Sour Patch Kid” relationships.  "As Bachelor Winter Games is in full force, Dean brings his new friends from Vermont to the podcast!He’s joined by Courtney Dober, Kevin Wendt, and Lesley Murphy."This Week, Dean swipes right on a conversation about dating apps.Joining him in the studio is one of his childhood friends, Taylor, along with Mark, Easton, and Tanya, to figure out how effective dating apps truly are.  The gang narrowed down Dean’s list of what he wants in a partner, and the age old question: blondes might have more fun, but do they sweat more?

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