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In order to achieve the global goals of zero infections, zero discrimination and zero deaths, a sustained focus on HIV research, policy and advocacy for YKPs must occur.The inaugural summary on the Global Youth Wellbeing Index reports that a sobering 85% of youth (age 10 to 24) in the 30 countries included report low levels of overall well-being [1].Among young MSM, HIV incidence has been shown to be very high across multiple countries, and global reports estimate an HIV prevalence of 4.2% for young gay men under the age of 25 [4, 7].In the United States, MSM account for most (72%) new HIV infections among youth aged 13 to 24, making them the only group that has shown a significant increase in estimated new infections.

While there remains a paucity of studies that focus on transgender men (female-to-male), data from studies on transgender women (male-to-female) demonstrate they are up to 49 times more likely to acquire HIV than other adults, with an estimated 19% of transgender women infected with HIV [10].

Overall, there were an estimated 1.3 million adolescent deaths in 2012, most of them from causes that could have been prevented or treated.

Mortality is higher in boys than in girls and in older adolescents (15 to 19 years) than in the younger group (10 to 14 years).

Adolescents and young adults are at increased risk for HIV due to the many developmental, psychological, social, and structural transitions that converge in this period of the lifespan.

In addition, adolescent deaths resulting from HIV continue to rise despite declines in other age groups.

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