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The project consists of three basic components: an associative dictionary, an explanatory dictionary, and a picture dictionary.The associative dictionary, the dictionary of associations, or analogical dictionary groups the words of the language by psychological perception, sense and meaning.cause great excitement in the beginning, and then successive inhibition in the same regions of the cerebral cortex.As a result, in the future one of the contrasting stimuli can cause immediately after it something that was caused before by another stimulus (contrast with given one)" (for example, the phenomenon of antonyms: grief - joy, happiness – unhappiness, and so on).Close to the association by similarity is association by contrast, the origin of which is explained by the presence in phenomena of opposite features.The physiological nature of the association by contrast is in the "mutual induction of neural processes when strong stimuli ...For better usability each word is accompanied by the explanatory articles from Word Net lexical database.

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If the results you are looking for are not on the first page of search results, you can click "Next" and "Previous" at the bottom of the page to see more results.Picture vocabulary or visual dictionary contains graphic illustrations that depict the meaning of words.Association is one of the basic mechanisms of memory.In order to retrieve the list of associations to a word, just type in the word in the search panel and press key or "Search" button.It is also possible to search for a word by the first letter.

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