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In short order, the survivor discovers he's morphing into a werewolf, which leads to the shock and awe of that famous scene as well as the sequence where he terrorizes Piccadilly Circus in his werewolf form.

The makeup artist even won an Oscar for his work so special care will have to be given to recreating the film's iconic and cringe-worthy visuals.

She becomes meat-loving, athletic and more powerful. Victoria Justice has the love of the tween audience. The Vancouver sets don't have the right Gothic look. It doesn't have any fun or horror to interest anyone older than a young tween.

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They find that they inherited their Great Uncle Dragomir Ducovic's castle in Wolfsberg, Romania. Sketchy real estate agent Paulina Von Eckberg (Brooke D' Orsay) entices David.

The kids discover a secret lab and Jordan steps on a broken vial. This is a barely passable tween horror which means that it's not really scary. The final battle has low grade special effects and some stunts.

She's awkward, accident-prone (especially near hunky boys) and picked on by the mean girls.

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