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You can watch our video walkthrough on how to start a blog here. We’ve recently discovered Site Ground as a fast, reliable option for beginner hosing, and we’ve been incredibly impressed with what they have to offer. This is another good hosting option that we have experience with.

Noisli is a neat little service to mix and match the perfect background noise to help you focus. Help Scout allows us to jointly manage various email accounts.

Even if you have no intention of going paperless, you can use Evernote as your “digital brain” to organize notes, articles, documents, ideas, etc.

The i Phone app is incredible and gives you mobile access to all your documents. This is the project and task management app we use for our team of three. You can also have team “conversations” in Asana and attach relevant documents and add notes to tasks. That’s exactly how I would describe Google calendar.

Word Press is the content management software we use to to manage Just AGirland Her

It’s infinitely customizable and the platform of choice for 99.9% of successful blogs. If Word Press seems too confusing or intimidating, consider starting your blog with Square Space. This is a 7-lesson email course packed full of information to help you become a successful new blogger.

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