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We are connected, interwoven with the lives of our children.

We are responsible for their well-being and daily survival.

Not only is mom hurt when the relationship doesn’t last, but so is the child.

Sharon said: “Our children should not meet our ‘dating partners’ unless they are becoming a serious potential ‘marriage partner.’ They have already had to let go of the absent parent being an active part of their lives, they should not have to ‘let go’ again by getting attached to a dating partner with whom the relationship later ends, causing another loss to our child.” Some experts say it’s not a good idea to bring your boyfriend around until it looks like you might be getting married.

So she gets caught up in the need for a man or settles for someone unhealthy.

Like I told the caller, a relationship may help, but it won’t heal.

Too often a single mom is so desperate to have a man in their life that things move way too quickly.

Even the very valid motivation of having a dad” for their kids again is NOT a good reason to move too fast.

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If you’ve been out of the dating scene for awhile, being thrust back into it again — especially if you are a single mom — can be daunting.You’ve been handed a challenging combination of emotions and responsibilities, and now you’ve got to figure out how to manage.It is no doubt overwhelming, and certainly something you can’t do on your own.Single moms need friendship, long for meaningful companionship, and can easily be frustrated and impatient with not having someone to share the responsibilities.As a single mom it is very likely you will want to date sooner than later. Dating is a challenging situation under the best of circumstances.

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