Dating five months over 55 dating online

So we could have time to take care of our own things, time with own families, crazy work schedules and friends etc. Hecant come out and tell you because he may need to come back and he doesnt want you too upsetif he has too. The way people try and solve their own issues isn't always the cleverest. Who knows, but you definitely don't need to continue to work yourself up over it cause all that does it keep you in pain and gives him power he doesn't deserve to have.

Im having a huge difficulty trying to understand .... Dating nearly five month, after last three months we have spent every weekend together... After Christmas Monday - Thursday, we got into routine of on our own. Could have needed a bit of time and dating site reassurance to be sure of the future. That said, action speak louder than words as we've all been learn it unfortunately.(a) it could be that he was only getting on the forums then took offense to the unspoken accusation(b) could be that although he enjoyed his time with you and the kids did too, maybe he realized he enjoyed not being tied down or didn't want the responsibility that comes along with a relationship afterall but didn't have the manhood to just talk with you about it.

Best thing to do now is to move on, and next time move much slower into that "coupledom" expectation with a met-online guy that is so used to being single and unencumbered...

Most people evetually understand that Finding and Maintaining a compatible long-term SO relationship ISthe second greatest challenge of life,since success there REQUIRES sharing about 50% power/control with another imperfect human being like yourself...

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Changes in behavior betray something happening in people's heads.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Being back on the dating site and not wanting to talk to you doesn't automatically mean he wanted out. Sorry but it is over and in the long run this may be a good thing seeing how he is now treating you. You gave him an exit strategy that allowed him to save face and not admit/acknowledge his guilt.

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