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I skated around this particular question in a previous post, but I see I just need to come out and ask the question. With so many pastors and leaders dating and marrying women who are not known for being “church girls”?It causes Christian women to question, what are Christian men really looking for?Many online sites can connect you with someone who may have similar interest.targets the Urban Christian whose aim is to find their faithmate, beyond a soulmate.There are so many Christian women who desire to be married.Due to their Christian beliefs, many find it hard to find a man outside of the church who possess the same values and standards they desire.Could this general perception be the reason why Christian men pursue women outside of the church because they want a woman who is more lively and ready to have fun?

And here are a few theories that I’ve found currently floating around this topic: READ: Christian males respond to this article with their own reasons why they don’t date or marry women within the church.

So they pursue women outside of the church who share the same viewpoint?

Women in the church choose to pursue a more disciplined lifestyle of prayer, fasting, studying the Bible, etc.

In 2012, Pastor and studio executive, Devon Franklin married actress and self-professed party girl Meagan Good.

In 2015 NFL player Russell Wilson, a devout Christian started dating R& B singer Ciara.

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