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One final nitpick with Whats App’s security comes from the fact that everyone involved in a conversation needs to be using a recent version of the app that supports encryption in order for it work.This isn’t a huge deal for most of us, but if you have a friend who never updates their apps, the encryption may not be on for the conversation. They store only what’s required for the service to work, like your phone number, random keys, and your profile information.This means that people may accidentally hand over some data to a third party without realizing it.You can disable these backups of course, but many users may not realize it’s happening.

, but it’s a noteworthy features because the relationship between the two is going to make some people uncomfortable.

This also means that even the provider, in this case, Whats App and Signal, cannot see the contents of a message.

So, if a third party, like a government, attempts to access those messages, they can’t see the content of that message; they’ll see a garbled bunch of characters.

It does so by sending the key to unlock the message the receiver so only they can view it.

For a more technical breakdown of exactly how it works, (PDF).

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