Mail updating cache directory

On old install, prior to migration: for errors so you can quickly understand potential problems.

When you’re satisfied version 3.0 is running and can see all its data correctly, start the new Cyrus up with your regular init script.

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To allow you to work with your messages even when you cannot connect to the mail server, a second type of data file that is named an Offline Outlook Data File (.ost) is kept on your computer.We propose in this study to extend a competitive-update protocol with a previously published adaptive mechanism that can dynamically detect migratory objects and reduce the coherence traffic they cause.Detailed architectural simulations based on five scientific and engineering applications show that this adaptive protocol outperforms a write-invalidate protocol by reducing the miss rate and bandwidth needed by up to 71 and 26%, respectively.If you’re familiar with replication, and your current installation is 2.4 or newer, you can set up your existing installation to replicate data to a new 3.0 installation and failover to the new installation when you’re ready.The replication protocol has been kept backwards compatible.

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