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Step on the foot panel and go through the unlocked door, then do the same thing in the next room.

Push the statue onto the panel and go back to the room with the stairs, now entering the other unlocked door.

You’re now in a room full of computers, with the chest to deposit the bribe in against the opposite wall.

Loot all three chests and drop the bribe in the center one; you’ll immediately get a message from Rainia, telling you to hack a computer inside the HQ.

Grab it and use it to unlock the chest on the right side, which you also have to swim to reach.

Grab the star keystone, and use it in the door at the far end of the room and go through, following the room through to the next one.

Consider a source node that does not have a route to the destination.

Z-Wave is a proprietary technology used to integrate sensors and actuators over RF and perform smart home and office automation services.

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To avoid using source routing, DSR optionally defines a flow id option that allows packets to be forwarded on a hop-by-hop basis.

You can also see the battery voltage from the Web interface - Battery/Ports page..

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The destination node, on receiving a Route Request packet, responds by sending a Route Reply packet back to the source, which carries the route traversed by the Route Request packet received.

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