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Caggie Dunlop Despite being one of the most well-known and popular Made in Chelsea cast members, Catherine ‘Caggie’ Dunlop comes from a rather humble background.Yes her family may have lived in wealthy Fulham in a £1.3Million house but her doctor mother and City businessman father have worked hard to provide for her, void of cashing in on royalties courtesy of ancestral inventions.Spencer Matthews As far as exotic holiday hook-ups go, Spencer has it made.Not only did he try his chances at finding love on the French Riveria as the manufactured babe magnet on Channel 5’s , but his parents own one of the most luxurious hotels in St Barts; Eden Rock.We wonder what proud offspring will be receiving this business in years to come.Francis Boulle Born Francis Maximilien Yvan Christophe Boulle, it’s no surprise he landed a part in Made in Chelsea.Utilising her reality TV fame to her advantage, Rosie has long since set up “At Fashion Forte”, her own fashion blog.Binky Felstead We can only speculate as to what Binky Felstead’s parents do.

Yes, those who bought you the perfectly sweet yet savoury allure of the digestive biscuit also bought you the peroxide blonde playboy with a penchant for sexy candy.Among the founding directors were millionaire owner Henry Augustus ‘Gus’ Mears, his brother Joseph, their brother-in-law Henry Boyer, publican Alfred Janes and his nephew Edwin, who ran the Rising Sun.The club, the brainchild of another founder, Frederick Parker, would be started from scratch to fill Gus Mears’s ambitious stadium, being built across the road at Stamford Bridge by the famous architect Archibald Leitch.Even if he never said a word and was simply introduced all the time as Francis Maximilien Yvan Christophe Boulle, he fits the requirements of the show’s cast.Furthermore when you consider he lists diamond trading among his credentials and the fact that he has often appeared in Tatler’s Little Black Book of most eligible bachelors, he starts to sound like he could become a Bond villain.

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