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We'll be back in business within February 2018 It's still possible closing deals in the meantime but all transactions should be closed through the "Domain Escrow Servic"(fees on us).

https://com/services/escrow/ At you'll be able to pay either in USD or by Bitcoins (at the current rate), it's up to you.

Names with good organic traffic are surely easier to monetize once developed or redirected to the right project.

Note also that traffic & parking revenue may change/disappear with the time for multiple factors so don't buy basing yourself to such data but exclusively on the name value and development potential.

Please, keep in mind that we've recently updated and reviewed our full inventory so all names have been priced to sell and we can usually offer a max 10-12% discount (depending by the order amount) but we can't go any higher.

Consider also we're proposing the same names at much higher prices through the most popular domain marketplaces so you'll get the best conditions by dealing directly with us.

Most notably this applies to the top 15% of my database that can afford and expects a lifestyle and experiences normally out of reach of most people.

We'll use (private transaction) for deals under k, for deals of k/ Paypal payments are possible too but ask for more details.

This realisation is the inspiration behind the 500 club.

A membership with the 500 club ensures you will be mixing with members whose accomplishments and level of sophistication meets your own.

And lastly, for something both sweet and fresh, ask for a Joe’s Fresh, alcohol-free, with lemongrass cordial, lemon juice, cucumber and soda.

During this time I have introduced people from all professions at the top of their game.

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