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The society also participated in cultural activities related to the history of Jews in the Czech and Slovak lands.Kurt Wehle served as president of the society until 1967, when he was succeeded by Hugh Colman.Politzer, who both served as vice presidents; and Anita H. Beginning around the year 2000, Lesly Cohn served as administrative assistant.In a letter to the membership in April 2006, President Norman Patz noted that the society had a mailing list of 196 names but that only 37 members were up to date in paying annual membership dues; he also reported that attendance at the annual memorial services had grown in recent years, with over 120 participants in 2006.Also included are meeting minutes, letters to the membership, financial reports, writings, speeches, obituaries, clippings, photographs, and printed ephemera.The society's correspondence reflects its participation in cultural events related to Czech and Slovak Jewish history, as well as its relationship to the Jewish communities in the Czech Republic and, to a lesser extent, Slovakia; some correspondence with members contains genealogical information.The SHCJ also eventually assumed primary responsibility for organizing the annual memorial service in New York City to honor Czechoslovak Jews who perished in the Holocaust, an event that had been held regularly since 1946, and was co-sponsored by the Joseph Popper unit and, later, the Holocaust Survivors of Slovakia.

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Others who held leadership roles in the society from the 1990s on were Fred Hahn and Alan A.

The SHCJ was conceived as a successor organization to the Society for the History of the Jews in the Czechoslovak Republic (Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Juden in der Čzechoslovakischen Republik), which was founded in Prague, on 22 April 1928, by the Prague lodge of B’nai B’rith.

The Prague society published a German-language journal ( (volumes 1 to 6, 1987-1994).

Rabbi Patz was the head of the congregation of Temple Sholom of West Essex, in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, and carried on business of the society from there.

Approximately one quarter of the materials relate to the annual memorial service sponsored by the society (Series I), including program fliers and handouts; correspondence with invitees or participants; and yizkor, or memorial booklets, which include prayers, stories, songs, and historical information, as well as lists of names of individuals to be remembered, as submitted by participants.

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