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In the wider context of aging societies, medicalinnovations and recent health and disease trends show health carecosts are rising. Elizabethassociate professordepartment ofhistorycultures around the worldmicro-managing: household economies insouthern africa (m s) this talk discusses how households in southafrica were used as case studies to examine how the poorest of thepoor carefully manage scarce resources and diversify activities tosupport themselves.

(m s) multiculturalism helps canadians better understand oneanother by encouraging ethnic communities to express, celebrate andpreserve their distinct cultures.

Saragraduate studentschool ofenvironmental studieseducationgeneralinspiring creativity (s)thissession examines how every human has the capacity for creativity, andhow learning to harness that capacity is worthwhile.

Pei-linggraduatestudentdepartment of geographysocial issuesthe many faces of racismand why its so difficult to eradicate (m s)this talk presentsexamples and research findings on different kinds of racism, includingwhite racism, racism among racialized minorities, overt/covert racism,and racism that intersects with class, gender and other types ofdiscrimination. Andreaassistantprofessordepartment of computer sciencecomputers, engineering andtechnologyintroduction to graphics and game development with the unitygame engine (in english or italian) (s) the core mission of computergraphics is to create images that look photorealistic. The complex issues for the families, the supportsavailable and the resources needed are discussed. Reetaprofessordepartment of politicalsciencepoliticscomparative federalism, multiculturalfederalismtremblay, dr. Atpresent, water, sanitation, and hygiene (wash) is a global concern anda priority area in the international development sector.

Restorativejustice brings the victim(s), those harmed, and the harm-doerstogether whenever possible to determine what happened and how amendscan be made. Gustavson school ofbusinessbusiness and economicsunderstanding innovation inorganizations: using sport as a lens (in english or french) (s) wolfe,dr.

Gustavson school of businessbusiness and economicstwenty-fiveyears of retrenchment in employment insurance and social assistance incanada (s) newincome inequality has grown in canada, with thedeterioration of our social protection system for the unemployedidentified as a key factor.

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