Consolidating signature student loans

Keep in mind that while it’s way easier to get rid of Federal loans (because there are so many more programs for them), it’s no longer impossible to qualify for excellent Private Student Loan Forgiveness benefits too, because there are definitely some great options out there now!Please read through the Forgiveness and Discharge Programs listed below, see what you think you may qualify for, then click the links to go to other pages of my site where I explain each program in extreme detail.But you’ll need to be extremely careful about who you choose to work with, because there are literally thousands of Student Loan Forgiveness Scams in operation across the country now, and you definitely don’t want to fall into line with one of them.The benefits of hiring a Student Loan Debt Relief Agency are that they can save you time, money, and stress by making sure that you’re aware of all the opportunities available for reducing or eliminating your debt, and by protecting you from making any mistakes with your applications to available debt forgiveness and discharge programs.

There’s never been a better opportunity to qualify for Private and Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Benefits, as there are literally tons of different programs available, so be sure to browse through my list below and you’re almost certain to find a forgiveness program that can help you get rid of student loans quickly and easily.The dirty little secret to the student loan industry is that schools, lenders, and student loan servicing companies don’t want you to know how to get rid of your loans, because that costs them money, but I’m going to blow the lid off the biggest secret about student loans: the fact that they’re really not that hard to get rid of!First, you’ll have to determine whether your loans are Federal, or Private, and then you’ll need to navigate to the section of this page covering your type of loan, as your loan type is the most important factor in determining which forgiveness programs you’ll qualify for.Remember, in years past, Private loans have been nearly impossible to get rid of via Forgiveness or Discharge programs, but that has all changed in recent years with the expansion of new opportunities for wiping out your Private loans.And on the Private side, unlike Federal Forgiveness, there’s no real divide between “Forgiveness” and “Discharges”, because anything related to Private debt tends to happen right away, so while there are certainly fewer opportunities for getting rid of your Private loans, those opportunities are better in a way since they don’t require years and years of patience while waiting for the benefits to kick in.

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