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She walked across my keyboard and accidentally started a chat room. I had no idea anyone actually ended up going there." But the story becomes even more bizarre: Zeena had been doing some online flirting and suspected her flirtee of doing some flirting on the side.

The cat had actually invited Zeena's guy and the other woman into this chat room (well, it invited everyone on Zeena's Buddy List who was currently online) and they were going crazy wondering why Zeena would invite them both into this room and then disappear. Yes, I realize this all sounds pretty unremarkable in todays world of camera-phone "sexting" where people sometimes send inappropriate photos of themselves to others (which is a foolhardy and dangerous thing to do) but it was pretty exciting back then when it was the newest and hottest computer technology.

I hung around for a while, then excused myself because I had work to do.

About an hour later a friend invited me back into the room to meet another friend and I stayed just long enough to realize that people were still asking where Zeena was and why had she started this chat room?

I can't recommend these free chat rooms highly enough! Its full of young moms and soon to be moms that are supportive of others.

I've made some great friends in here and I love them all.

There is so many hot guys and some are just amazing people!

I love coming here to meet up with my friends that I met on here!

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Most were set up so users could visit on a particular subject such as music or movies or pets or whatever.Codes can be shared on social media, e-mail or even posted on paper in public spaces.Chat room creators or other specified moderators can customize the look, ban people from the room or set the room to be 18 .in early October as an alternative way to connect online aside from the many social media networks, like Facebook, which value or require authentic identities as a means of combating spammers, trolls and cyberbullies.However, Facebook’s real name policy has forced out some users, notably members of the LGBT community who prefer to stay anonymous online.

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