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In a research “summary” posted on Dynamiclear’s site, they claim that the option of testing Dynamiclear against a Placebo (i.e.water or an inert cream) was discarded because it would have had a “soothing” effect vs. This is just a convenient excuse not to test Dynamiclear against a Placebo or a true “standard of care” comparator product.Since most people’s herpes symptoms will go away within a few days or a few weeks even without ANY treatment, patients may erroneously assume that it’s because of one of these bogus herpes products.There are herpes cure scams, herpes treatment scams, herpes dating scams, herpes protocol scams and other herpes scams.In July 2007, a year after the FDA warning letter was sent, Global Herbal Supplies stopped marketing Choraphor and introduced a new product called Dynamiclear, another single-application topical herpes treatment which is very similar to Choraphor in use and application, except for a few different ingredients.One thing they didn’t change very quickly was their use of exaggerated and misleading marketing claims to promote Dynamiclear, the same marketing techniques they used previously to promote Choraphor.If such a research study was submitted for official review as a “Phase III” clinical trial, it would be dismissed by any respected medical establishment.In this study, they compared a one-time application of Dynamiclear (a liquid) to an a comparator product – a 5 times per day application of a cream containing Acyclovir – which is NOT the “standard of care” treatment for genital herpes.

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Later, they appeared to come clean (not really) by suggesting that they were a “sponsor” of the website, and did not disclose that they are actually the “owner.” Such misrepresentations are common for this company.

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There are many dishonest people and companies who prey upon people with genital herpes and other STDs.

Many people are so desperate to believe that a herpes cure might exist that they more easily fall for herpes treatment scams and herpes cure scams.

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