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There is a great range of dishes on offer and while the setting isn’t the most romantic, it is ideal for couples looking to relax and have a fun evening out, all of which makes Ruchi a perfect venue for any date night.

If you fancy enjoying a few drinks on a night out but you don’t want to visit a noisy pub or a large chain bar, you’ll find that The Hop Inn is an excellent choice for local dating in Swindon.

Guernsey offers pretty much every type of activity you could ever think of and some great ideas here include bowling, sailing and yachting, golf, go-karting and if you fancy trying your hand at something completely different together, how about archery or even some flying lessons.

If this amount of fun sounds a little too extreme for you, Guernsey also offers some more sedate and perfect attractions.

Below you will find a good number of suggestions for you both that will go some way to answer the question, '?

' Whilst Guernsey may not be a very large island, it is certainly jam-packed full of potential venues for a first date.

The Swindon dating scene is ready and waiting for you however it is important for you to ensure you take your time, explore your matches each time and start making connections when you are ready.

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You might also like to visit The Victor Hugo House which has been dedicated to the world-famous French writer.There are some tranquil and serene gardens and areas of natural beauty to enjoy on Guernsey, if you are both keen to meet in an environment that would be conducive to uninterrupted conversation and suggestions along these lines include Port Soif Nature Trail, Candie Gardens and around Sausmarez Manor.Having read all of the suggestions above, if you would still prefer to meet your potential new love match at a restaurant, the good news is that there are actually hundreds on the island of Guernsey for you to choose between.Be this a cosy and intimate restaurant or even a fun day’s activity somewhere, you really are spoilt for choice.Let’s start by considering some activities you could both indulge in whilst getting to know each other.

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