Tribal wars self updating maps

Basically you can synchronize and send: one to one(1:1), one to many(1:*), many to one(*:1) and many to many(*:*) attacks. Creating operations, where first nuke land at 100ms, second nuke at 120ms, third nuke at 140ms, fourth nuke at 160ms, first noble at 200ms, second noble at 220ms, third noble at 240ms and fourth noble at 260ms, is very easy.20ms timespan can be lowered to 0ms for nukes and nobles, but timespan between last nuke and first noble should be at least 10ms - for safety purposes.In the future, more functions like "detection of village owner change(village was nobled) in 30 range from my villages" will be added.In this case you will be able to very fast village re-noble.Sending army is practically essence of Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot.

Features are being added all the time so you can check home page for the latest release informations.

In this case UTWB immediately start troops recruitment in villages where it is needed.

You can configure ratio for specified units in order to create optimal recruitment troops package.

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