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Caipi-Sexta is exactly what Caminhos is all about: we want you to have a great time in Rio while you learn Portuguese. Once again, adjust the quantity to suit your taste.** Once you’ve made a few attempts you’ll have a better idea what quantities of each ingredient you like best.

Many students dive into the nightlife after Caipi-Sexta, which generally ends between and . ** Throw in a few lime wedges and drink your delicious caipirinha.

Com menos de uma semana no mercado, AC revelou que as expectativas em torno do sucessor de “Preto no Branco” (2009) são positivas tendo em conta o feedback que tem recebido.

Ai nível a que habituou os fãs nos últimos anos, “AC Para os Amigos”, álbum todo produzido pelo próprio, conta também com as colaborações de Gabriel O Pensador, Rui Veloso ou do cubano Raul Reyes.

The scandal was uncovered when a member of the chat and union representative decided to file a police complaint last week over hate crimes and threats.

The whistleblower alleged he had received death threats after he rebuked his colleagues for misusing a chat that was ostensibly created to discuss labor issues and instead was being filled with politically-motivated invective.

Madrid's city hall has subsequently offered him a police escort.

) there are snacks available and brazilian music playing to get Friday evening warmed up.

The Caipi-Sexta event also attracts the attention of the locals, who sometimes stop by for a chat.

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