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And he treated me, the only woman covering the franchise, with such dignity. And another guy who was phenomenal to me was [Houston Oilers quarterback] Warren Moon. I was sitting directly across from him; there was a camera over my shoulder ready to shoot.I think he understood what I was going through because he was a black quarterback at a time when there just weren't black quarterbacks. And so he decided that he would conduct all of his interviews for all of the media outside the locker room at every game. STORY: Carrie Underwood Replaces Faith Hill on ' Sunday Night Football' MICHELE TAFOYA Sideline reporter, (NBC Sports) In 1995, when I was at CBS Sports, I went to Indiana to do a piece on [Indiana University coach] Bobby Knight and his son Pat Knight, who was then a senior [and had played on the team for four seasons]. So we started to chat, and he still wouldn't look at me.But if they have cracked sports TV's glass ceiling -- Rhonda Glenn was the first woman to anchor ESPN's iconic franchise in 1981, and CBS Sports anchor Lesley Visser is the only woman enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- they still are a minority of the voices covering big-ticket TV sports: the NFL, MLB and NBA.PHOTOS: 9 All-Star Female Sports Reporters "It didn't occur to me that I wasn't going to be allowed to that party," says ESPN's Hannah Storm, whose father was a commissioner of the American Basketball Association and GM of multiple teams including the NBA's Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks.And when a female sports journalist gets a great story, you can almost set your watch by how quickly whispers start that she must have slept with the player to get it. C., when they launched the NBA team there, the Charlotte Hornets.But that's all manageable, and it fades the longer you're in the business. And the first guy to roll into town was Carolina native Michael Jordan.So I'm having a hot dog on the sideline, and people are taking photos and submitting them to the sports blogs. But a guy I really loved watching, Yannick Noah, a Frenchman, was going to play next. And I started handing Al Trautwig notes about Yannick. But I didn't use them because they should be coming out of mouth." And the next day, I got to call men's tennis at the U. I wasn't reading the box scores as an 8-year-old, but I would watch the highlights and place the helmets on the board based on how [the teams] had done. REBECCA LOWE Host, (NBC Sports) In this industry, some women aren't always as encouraging as you'd like. We have to stop kidding ourselves that we're all sisters.

Says Carillo, "That was when I first realized that it might not be easy to be a woman in this profession." And it still isn't.PHOTOS: ESPN's New ' Monday Night Football' Opening to Feature Darth Vader, Ronald Reagan Rebecca Lowe -- who in March joined NBC Sports from ESPN and in 2012 became the first woman to present the FA Cup Final from Wembley Stadium -- has had hot dogs thrown at her by the U. "I've had my backside pinched, I've had people screaming at me and using terrible words," says Lowe.If blatant sexism no longer is tolerated in corporate America or sports media, indifference persists; women's restrooms on the field are rare.I wanted to do a father-son what's-it-been-like-coaching-your-son sort of piece. And he said, "I understand you do radio." And I did do radio in Minneapolis-St. So I said, "Yes, I do." And he said, "Is that all you do?" And I said, "No, obviously I do TV, that's why I'm ." And he said, "Well, are you any good at this?

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