Error updating bios dating by dark

As a rule of thumb if your computer is operating normally, leave it alone.If you are unsure if a BIOS update will fix a problem that you are having with your PC, you can ask for more information from the manufacturer.Perhaps if more people requested this, more detailed information might be included in the BIOS update notes in the future.

The second line shows the motherboard model, BIOS version and date.Hello, I have this problem when trying to upgrade from Windows Vista (ultimate) to Windows 7 (ultimate), and it tells me that I need to upate the BIOS. I have a Dell XPS-M1530, trying to update from BIOS A08 to A9 (1530_A09.exe) or A12 (1530_A12.exe). My tech friend says he cannot understand why the Windows 7 upgrade program is asking to update the BIOS before it will load. I can download the BIOS file from Dell, but when I try to execute I get the following error: "An unexpected error occurred while trying to execute the flash application. Application error return 0x00000406" I reboot and no help. In the example above, I have an Award BIOS from Phoenix Technologies (Phoenix Technologies and Award merged in 1998). It also coincidentally stands for what happens if your flash goes bad.5.The older version of the Award flash utility that I received in my BIOS update file was called AWDFLASH. Using an outdated version of the manufacturer flash utility or tool You may be tempted to pull out the CD that came with the motherboard or computer and use the utilities on the CD to flash your BIOS.

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