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To design a plan for you, call our center at (770) 793-7300.

We want to inspire you to become the healthiest you've ever been.

“Never mind dwelling on this horrific, senseless act that confused people. It’s in the worst of times that people need optimism.” Try adopting Thanksgiving year-round — research shows that gratitude has a positive effect on our health.

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If you are looking to get fit and stay in shape, we can help you!

If convicted, he faces a minimum sentence of one year in prison and a fine.

Four other Palestinian journalists who were arrested by the Palestinian Authority around the same time are facing similar charges.

Upon sign-up, all members are given a health questionnaire and evaluation, in which we take a thorough health history and examine your wellness goals so as to set up the perfect fitness plan for you.

Your plan is completely customized to provide you with a personalized program that caters to your fitness goals.

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