Dating 4 years no commitment

my first question would be why wouldn't he sleep over?I mean if im dating someone and after 6 months they're not sleeping over and there is no excuse but so and so marriage broke up because of infidelity I would think that the person has some issues ??OP state: "He keeps saying he loves me but i am getting tired of just the words and i feel like i am wasting my time".If you feel like you're wasting your time, then you are.

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He is a mammas boy because he is 44 and he has really on lived on his on in total of his entire life 6 years.It seems that he's very committed to you, though - in his own way. I realized that if we were out on a ship.there were two life savers..for him ..which one would he give the life saver Commitment does not necessarily mean marriage, but you should both at least want the same things out of life.Just because he's not marrying you doesn't mean he's not committed to you. You need to sit him down, tell him what it is you want out of life and find out what he wants.AND the fact that he's a mammas boy, ohhhh what a nitemare....Good luck, It sounds like you committed to a relationship on his terms without anything from him.

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