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They can easily be converted into Lead circuits as well. For that reason, these amps are less expensive and are a really great deal (if in good condition, of course). Did I mention that Free used a lot of Marshall Super PAs on stage? On a side note, a faulty Marshall Super Lead #1959T was modified by Tim Caswell (he used the extra 12ax7 as another gain stage on the pre-amp), and it became the legendary #39 of SIR studios in California, USA.So, if you find one for a good price, grab it It used the same headbox as the Super Lead. Marshall Super PA A damaged Marshall Super PA The Marshall Super PA 50w #1963 and the Marshall Super PA 100w #1968 amps may scare you a bit when you look at them. The amp was desired by every musician that rented it.Eric Clapton used a JTM-45 combo on the legendary (Now you know why this amp was called “Bluesbreaker” : P) He used his Les Paul through the Normal Channel of the amp. The then “horrible” distorted and saturated sound turned into what we know today as the “rock tone” (maybe not yet… Another example of this amp can be heard on AC/DC’s This is a confusing era, with lots of changes and new models. 😛 The transitition from the JTM to the JMP amps happened, in my view, with three steps.He discovered that, by playing really loud, it would start to “break up”. The first one was the creation of the first 100w amp.This amp is basically the 50w version of the Super Lead, so the sound is really similar to it’s “big brother”.While all those changes happened, new models started being developed to expand Marshall’s catalog.But it also had the characteristic smoothness of the tube rectifier.For this reason, this amp is known today as the JTM-50.

They were a bit smoother and had a tad less gain than their Lead counter-parts. It is just as good as the other (probably even more versatile), but the “weird looks” probably scare people a bit and they think this is not a good amp. These amps weren’t much popular and were discontinued in 1973.Because of rumors that Slash was going to steal the amp (and legend says he did it! Then, a misinformed roadie returned it a year later (and was probably fired afterwards). The first JMP marked amps came out around late 1967, although, as you saw, all of them already had JMP characteristics. An important note is that, by 1968, there were some changes on the circuits that made the amps more aggressive.), SIR studios switched amps, and Slash ended up “renting” #36 instead: a late 70’s JMP, also modified like #39 (He didn’t notice the difference? All the models mentioned above are still being produced here. Yes: On Van Halen’s debut album, a 100% stock 1968 Marshall Super Lead #1959 was used.I won’t write the rest because it may confuse you even more. It’s important to note that, for example, a 1959 amp has nothing to do with the The JTM-45 JTM-45 with “block” logo The first Marshall ever made. The front panel has “Presence”, “Bass”, “Middle” and “Treble” controls, as well as 2 volumes and 4 inputs.It was basically a copy of the 1959 Fender Bassman. In 1965, the plexiglass faceplates were introduced.

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