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Talia Shire is an American Classic performer who amused American crowds along with her playing and attractiveness.

She’s famous for her parts in the film Godfather and Rocky.

The most important reason because of his departure was Pancreatic Cancer and his funeral was done in La, California Talia is now 69 years old and continues to be alive, she’s residing with her kids at La, California and is having a quiet and peaceful life.

Her net worth was computed just million dollars.

There is no confusion about her figure and appearances in the 70’s, her pictures through the films and her private life revels about her attractiveness and character.

She was truly among the hot celebrities of 70’s business and there wasn’t any match to her.

She refuses to release them, therefore, the movie can't be re-released or be put on DVD for all the fans.

In the original script for The Godfather: Part II (1974), Kay (Diane Keaton) was truly to have suffered a miscarriage.

Her niece, and Francis' daughter, Sofia Coppola, played Michael's daughter and Connie Corleone's niece.

She made introduction in television via Foster and Laurie a TV Movie in the year 1975.

She continued her TV parts during those days and got more interest in the crowd.

She appeared in the next show of Godfather and made tremendous impact on the market.

After she was requested to perform in the Rocky show with a different Classic Celebrity Sylvester Stallone.

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