Galaxy angel dating sim game

Truly, it has been a great ride to witness, and it is a great loss to lose it.

While we're sorry to close the doors, we look back with a very big smile at what we all accomplished in those 17 years together.

On one occasion, Ranpha accuses Milfie's thoughts only being filled with food and Milfie is helplessly unable to deny it.

Likewise, Milfie's passion and skill for cooking gives her the most joy in seeing the people she love enjoy her works.

We thank everyone who participated for making the Game Community one of the best on the internet.

The Game Community has also ceased operations after 17 years of memories formed, friendships forged, relationships cemented, and connections made.

First and foremost is her luck and how she feared the worst if Tact remained with her due to its hazardous effects on others.

Tact however made it clear that he didn't care about her luck at all and how he only saw the good in her person and attitude, saying that he'll gladly overcome the problems her luck may throw at them together.

Milfie has bright pink, shoulder length hair that she parts with a hairband that resembles a garland and has two large flowers as her hairpins.

Milfie arguably goes through the biggest wardrobe change in the timeskip between trilogies as her new duty as the Gate Keeper has her wearing a flowing pink dress adorned with red ribbons and an enormous pink veil.

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