Top intimidating college football stadiums Sex chatonly for free

We took into account stadium capacity, but it wasn't a determining element.

We don't hate your stadium, but only 10 made the cut. Auburn: The Tigers have put together a couple of outstanding seasons recently, but a 26-10 record at Jordan-Hare Stadium since 2011 is only the 44th-best winning percentage nationally.

However, Tennessee is 22-14 in the last five seasons.

Texas A&M: Prior to renovations, Kyle Field's press box would literally move when the 100,000-plus in attendance swayed during the Aggie War Hymn. Virginia Tech: Personally observing the Hokies storming the field with Metallica's "Enter Sandman" blaring on the loudspeakers is bucket-list material. The team has slipped from a second-tier contender to an above-average program, but Beaver Stadium remains a top-notch venue.

And the recent editions of the Tigers have done exactly that.

Clubs and countries are proud to play in the arena, and opponents are frightened to walk onto the pitch.

That's a dynasty.."I remember it like yesterday," Willie Williams said, according to Jim Kleinpeter of

No matter how you try to ignore it, there are some football stadiums that are just intimidating.

Following the Gators' win over East Carolina in 2015, Adam Decker of the wrote the Pirates committed a few penalties directly correlated to crowd noise, which rattled the team.

Additionally, the sidelines are particularly narrow, so the stands are practically on top of the teams.

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