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I was aware Fritz had nothing to do with the 5th one, and I'm not crazy about the actress in it either, so that one was never really on my list to check out.

Many here have convinced me to check out films starring Luna Vera. I was never a fan of the Crux fetish until I watched my first Red Feline film. I do appreciate photos of a good looking woman (reasonably in-shape, no obvious tats or implants, no platform hooker shoes) if she is shiny or showing off her flexibility or athleticism. First off I'm a huge fan of AOH interrogation scenes.

The Serum has more better tortures, but the production values were not as good as PKF. I loved Samantha Jo in Liar and she was great in DI2.

Fritz told me that after DI1, Paris Kennedy was only available for customs at COH. I also like her character as she resisted the torture the longest. For me, I liked all the scenes except for the nipple tearing. I know it is just effects, but John really made it realistic.

In fact several of the stories I have been paid to write involve female game characters. ---------------- I suppose I should comment on the poll before Ralphus decrees it complete.

A guy had me do a commission story a little while back about the character Ciri being captured by three cannibalistic witches in the third game. All of the artists adjusted their styles to give the book a pretty consistent feel.

btw in the spirit of sharing information let Gimpers know if you set something up with her. I'll share my thoughts on the first 4 in the series since the 5th one was not done by Fritz.

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You're right on the money up to the point I'm at in DI 4, aside from it being better than 3 of course It really doesn't seem quite as harsh as the others, but Stormy is actually good enough actress that I'm probably going to give some of her other flicks a shot now.

Galen Showman was the illustrator for this particular chapter.

She does more than model while bound, she's cool with hard core girl on girl forced orgasm bondage sex. [] Modeling Agency, call or e-mail to book her. Much like Louisiana after watching True Detectives, I'll never see Maine the same. @Howie Thanks for your thoughts on the DI movies you have seen.

Now I look forward to how they can top their previous crucifixion. We reached 27% of our goal today with a new contribution to The Cross.

Their best cricifixion scene is the one from (2011). From acting, lightning, cardboard drama to moronic developments. This is where it stands, right now: The Cross has 2 contributors, The Wheel has 3 contributors, The Rack has 1 contributor. So I thought I'd give a heads up that she's going to be in LA on August 3.

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