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Basically we nee to give him something that is pretty user friendly and has the functionality to generate those additional reports which QB Enterprise does not have built in. Thanks for the points and grade; makes me think we should get on to this (reporting off QB files) sooner rather than later.

If that's also your interest, please contact me via the address in my profile.

I'm not clear how this would read QB files, are you saying that QB will output to Excel, then BW will read the Excel files?

I apologize Mikeopolo, I should have been more specific.

There are other issues here such as access to the data files which I haven't considered.

Regards Mike I haven't used the QODBC method and I have heard it is very slow and probably too slow for this project.

In which all types of books and their processes are discussed in detail.

We have a client with a company (mother company) which has purchased and manages 5-7 other portfolio companies.

So far Quickbooks Enterprise provides only 5 built-in reports (Balance sheet standard, Balance Shet Summary, P&L, Statement of Cash Flowsm and Trial Balance) but he will need additional reports for example budgeting, tracking finance charges and payment analysis that are not in QB as a combined report for multiple companies.

But what's your take on products such as qodbc and it's associated report writer? I've provided various consolidation solutions to MYOB users, mainly in New Zealand where MYOB has high market penetration, including for example extracting 17 company trial balances to Excel for further consolidation.

How far do you think it would go to addressing the consolidation reporting here? I'm of the opinion that provided you have access to the Quick Books databases, plus a good flexible/programmable report writer, then you have a solution to the consolidation challenge.

HTH Regards Mike As far as I know there is no third-party solution to your problem.

I have been working with QB for a little while and with some folks who have a lot of experience. mlmcc Michael, I also doubt that there is an off-the-shelf solution.

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