Hurt in dating

In terms of spousal support, dating during divorce also wields a substantial influence.Less formulaic than child support, the court weighs factors like need, future earning potential, health, age, and what is just and equitable given the circumstances, among other elements.When it comes to figuring out child support, if you’re granted custody, the state of Oregon has a formula.It accounts for many factors, including need, income, parenting time, and more. If you live with someone new and sharing expenses, this may lessen the amount of child support you receive.Your ex may push harder or be more resistant than otherwise as a reaction, whether conscious or not.If there are claims of adultery or marital misconduct, the other side may point towards dating during divorce to support those accusations, true or not.Feelings are raw and egos bruised, and in some cases, dating during divorce accentuates these ill feelings.

While the courts don’t usually allow the children’s feelings to sway these decisions, they may listen to what older children have to say.

Dating during divorce may have unforeseen and serious consequences when it comes to your case.

It doesn’t in every situation, but it’s vital to understand the risks and potential costs.

Even if there’s no cohabitation, expenses accrued during a relationship can play a part.

Dates, dinners, nights out, vacations, gifts, and more, all of these costs add up.

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