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(Diapers and panties - with "ties" under a rubber roper -- with additional "tie" at the waist of the romper - and locked at neck) I can attest that, properly done, any unauthorized "playing" is prevented. Eventually fell asleep and woke in soaked diapers in the morning (As it kinda should be for a sissy) I have seen that setup before in prefabricated form, they are tempting but after long training and extra tight taping I couldn't get away with it if I wanted.My mommy does use diapers as chastity humiliation though, when we've vacationed and she's felt the need to she's flipped up the back of my shirt slightly to show anyone in the area that it's her domain.And, with a zipper up the back and a little pad-lock, further prevents naughtines.I have had on the above described "outfit" for bed time.

Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!

But we also know that sometimes baby just gets all excited when she sees how pretty Mommy is or how nice she smells and we touch down there.

All diapered securely would put baby's no-nos out of reach, or at least preserve the evidence of naughtiness to be found by Mommy at changing time.

Aditionally, a plastic or rubber "romper" suit can be put on over sissy's diapers and panties.

This helps prevent leaking, even for heavy wetters.

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