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Amy has written columns for Our Sunday Visitor and Catholic News Service at times over the past twenty years. Her articles have been published in venues ranging from Our Sunday Visitor to the New York Times to Commonweal. 18, if you included the as yet tragically unpublished novel. “It’s really important for us to begin to address the needs of young adults.” Parker said the lives of young adults are so vast and unique the Catholic Church needs to engage them in their own spiritual life.Sean Reynolds, director of Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, said the Theology on Tap has been an introduction or stepping stone to invite people back the church to discuss Christ.It’s a come-as-you-are event in a casual setting for young adults to listen to a guest speaker discuss the Catholic Church and being a Christian.The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in Dayton is also working to host a Theology On Tap series in the Sidney area.

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“It’d be nice to get someone excited and fired up.” “Theology On Tap is great, but it doesn’t build a community,” said Bernadette Sacksteder, a parishioner at St. “Having a small faith community is the answer we’ve been looking for.” Wurzelbacher said his office plans to host another meeting with Archbishop Schnurr in the future.

She received an MA in Church History from Vanderbilt University, where she wrote a thesis on the changing role of women in 19th century American Protestantism, and the ways Scripture was used to justify those changes. How about....because I'm lame and hate thinking up titles to things?

She worked as as a teacher in Catholic high schools and a Parish Director of Religious Education and started writing for the diocesan press - the Florida Catholic - in 1988. No, I'm not going to ask you about your Lenten reading lists...although I might.

“The reason Theology On Tap is important is because young adults are pretty much underserved by the church.

There is lots of stuff for young children, teenagers and middle-aged adults, but few materials for people ages 18-39,” said Andrea Parker, associate director of the Dayton office.

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