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No kissing or sex, she told them; only conversation. Just because you’re a good-looking guy doesn’t mean you know how to entertain a woman.” What Shikhman hoped to find, ultimately, was someone so dashing, distinctive, and engaging that she might be tempted to hire him herself.With a couple of pals, she interviewed prospective Gents in the back of a local café, gauging their skills as conversationalists, carefully charting their charisma, intelligence, and ability to listen, and asking them to demonstrate their talents—dancing, telling jokes. At each casting call, only one in a hundred made the cut and were invited, after clearing a comprehensive background check, to join her online Rent A Gent roster.Next, the preacher asks us to face each other and say, “I forgive you.” Cathy and I, hands still together, laugh a little and forgive each other. There were plenty of services for men who wanted to hire women—for sex, massage, or simple companionship—but none available for women to hire men. When Shikhman, a former corporate lawyer, mentioned the idea of starting a gentlemen-for-hire business to her friends, they either “thought I was out of my fucking mind,” she says, or became obsessed with the notion.“I had customers lined up before I’d even hired any Gents.”Shikhman placed ads everywhere from Linked In to Craigslist seeking hot, charming, accomplished men.

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To put her at ease, I tell her that I’m nervous, too, a tactic suggested to me during my training, which also happens to be true, since this is At the country club where the wedding is being held, we leave my car with the valet, hurry upstairs, and find seats together in the back of the gallery. “ married, not so much.” He asks the married-couple-to-be to practice a few key phrases, starting with “I love you.” Then the preacher gazes across the room. I may only be her hired boyfriend, but I see no reason to hold back.Rent A Gent is not an escort service, and any touching beyond what the role requires is strictly against policy.Obviously, Rent A Gent can’t control what happens off the clock, but the company has a dedicated “chaperone” who calls both parties after each date to make sure the date has ended.Cathy shares her story: She owns a chain of pet-grooming shops around Santa Barbara.She married young, had two kids, but she and her husband divorced after thirteen years.

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