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“What we really want is someone to talk to, to share an experience with and show us a good time.At a wedding, everyone’s coupled up; it’s great to have someone who’s on your team.”Before my first date, Shikhman assigns me a handler, a suave 37-year-old from Venice, Italy, named Jon Zarantonello, who’s also one of her star Gents.The effect is of a middle-aged math teacher squeezed into her old high-school-prom dress. ” She nods, and we move close and share an awkward hug.As we drive to the wedding, I ask Cathy if we might concoct a story for how we met.But don’t be too friendly; let them think she can do better.

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Davy Rothbart goes undercover in the very new, very strange date-for-hire economy On a friday night this past November, I wander into the lobby of the W Hotel in Hollywood to pick up a woman named Cathy, my date for a wedding that’s starting in less than an hour.Rent A Gent now has 300 men available, concentrated mainly in New York, with a budding presence in Chicago, Miami, Houston, Vegas, D. More than anything, it seems, Rent A Gent is simply looking for friendly, curious guys—someone more interested in asking questions than talking about himself.And the truth is, most clients in their forties don’t want a date with a young stud just out of college, no matter how rippled his abs might be—they want someone who saw “Women can get sex anytime for free,” says Shikhman.Next, the preacher asks us to face each other and say, “I forgive you.” Cathy and I, hands still together, laugh a little and forgive each other. There were plenty of services for men who wanted to hire women—for sex, massage, or simple companionship—but none available for women to hire men. When Shikhman, a former corporate lawyer, mentioned the idea of starting a gentlemen-for-hire business to her friends, they either “thought I was out of my fucking mind,” she says, or became obsessed with the notion.“I had customers lined up before I’d even hired any Gents.”Shikhman placed ads everywhere from Linked In to Craigslist seeking hot, charming, accomplished men.

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