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Any new veteran moving into Vernon needs to have their discharge (DD-214) on file with the Town Clerk.The original form DD-214 has to be filed with the Town Clerk in order to receive benefits on the 2017 Grand List.Motor Vehicles are not prorated between Connecticut towns but may be if the vehicle leaves the state and is registered with another state.The motor vehicle is taxed where it is registered on October 1st of the Grand List year.Dates of Wars and other recognized military campaigns and operations under the State Statute 27-103, as amended by Public Act 03-85 are listed here: Dates of Wars for Veteran exemptions.

Taxes are a part of the budget process in the spring, when the mil rate is established.Under the property tax credit program an applicant must, as of the October 1st assessment date: For more info on these programs, click here Tax Relief for Elderly & Totally Disabled - Details, or call our office at 860-870-3625.Each year, members from the Assessor's Office perform field inspections in order to maintain accurate, up-to-date information on properties.BAA Schedules are published in the three weeks prior to the hearings and are also posted in the Assessor's and Town Clerk's offices.Anyone aggrieved with the results of the hearing may file suit in Superior Court within sixty days of the results.

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