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I’ve checked their website for updates and it always states “received.” Obviously , no action.The only other way to communicate with them is Facebook.Otherwise you should alert customers that the watches can not be reliably repaired – if you buy a Suunto your on your own!This is the first time a vendor with goods sold through REI has failed me.Neutral Traits: I'm not a very outspoken cat, overall.

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We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

#newzealand Would love to set up a time to makes some Kura beverages for the REI team and talk about our marketing support programs.

Reply We are looking to contact Wendy Mason in merchandising regarding our product, Warm Skin Weather Guard.

Warm Skin has a proven track record in the sporting goods industry.

We have been selling Warm Skin since 1986, and many times we get customers who shop REI request the product.

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    And the result is oddly mesmerizing to watch as those in the liquid sand seem to float and splash around like they would in water.