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Walk through the path here, grabbing the Ancient Coins along the way, and repeat the process with the next set of statues.

After disabling the trap, clear the rubble on the left for some treasure, and step on the panel to trigger another backtracking shortcut.

You need five pieces; if not enough have grown yet, inspect the wall opposite the stairs to find a secret door, and head through.

Loot the treasure chest and go back to the statues; push the middle one onto the fire trap to disable it.

Stand on the foot panel and a staircase will appear in front of you; descend.

Then go through the newly revealed secret door for more treasure. Check out the treasure chest and step on the panel to unlock the door, then make your way out of the tomb and deliver the briefing to Sanaa Madbouli. Rainia wants four pieces of turquoise; find them on the map, collect them, and turn them in to Rainia.

Next she wants you to talk to three Sims about Morcu Corp.

If you have any friends or acquaintances in Egypt, start with them; you’ll need to be somewhat friendly with Sims before you can ask them.

There’s plenty of flame fruit in this room, so take all you want, as well as looting the treasure.

You should now have enough flame fruit to report back.

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