Sex chat lines no upgrades no charge no credit card

Most recently I was told I could save over on my monthly bill.They said if I switched my business plan to a wireless plan, they would not charge me for the cell phone (only the sales tax which I had to immediately give them my credit card info), AND they also said I would not be in a contract.When I received all the information on my email, everything was totally different, including charging me for the phone!Today is 3/17/18 and I’ve been trying since 3/7/18 to get this problem resolved and after wasting over 4 hours of my time on the phone and calling a million phone numbers and getting transferred a million times, the only information I received was to send back the phone which I did on 3/13/18.

Resolutions dept who knows where says i can send a email to president from . NOT ISOLATED INCIDENT OWE 3 ATT(told would be 4) &VERZON 8 (@300 DEVi CE installment ATT was 2 pay) IM FURIOUS!The company current serves over 100 million mobile customers.The absolute worse, I will not pay my money to a company where workers in Philippines lie to you, I will be contacting FCC, Have already asked for recording of my conversation with rep, Loyalty Dept.Yesterday I went to another company to change carriers and get rid of AT&T for good and the new carrier said AT&T told them my account is FROZEN and they can’t port the phone number!!I then called AT&T myself and the cust service rep said everything looked fine on my account and he couldn’t understand why the phone number wasn’t ported!

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